Irrigation Efficiency is the Answer

As Texas grapples with its growing water needs, all eyes are on agriculture.


Over the course of 10 years, researchers, growers, and irrigation district personnel worked together to test strategies for maximizing water use in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The findings are in, support is available, and it’s time to implement and improve agriculture operations in the Valley. is your resource for detailed data on the best ways to manage water in surface water districts using the latest technology, and for research-tested on-farm irrigation practices that can increase profit while saving water.



The study was documented in detail – everything is public. The Harlingen Irrigation District led the charge with funding from the Texas Water Development Board and many more between the years 2005 to 2014. The annual reports can be found here.

The research team identified different areas for possible water efficiency. This included individual farmers that reported their findings real-life application, irrigation districts implementing a variety of technologies, and the creation of a regional classroom, Rio Grande Center for Ag Water Efficiency. Click here for an overview.


Award Winning Findings

In 2017, TCEQ awarded the group study with the Texas Environmental Education Award Winner in Agriculture Category. Watch the video here.

Info on Website

  • Resources for growers managing their own operations
  • Information on narrow border flooding and how to implement
  • Data for irrigation districts

Small changes can have a big impact — especially when they’re implemented region-wide. Let’s get started.