Fact Sheets

Irrigation Methods

Narrow Border Flooding »

This type of irrigation in citrus orchards can save a third of the water used in traditional large-pan flood irrigation. Raised berms are created between each row of trees so water can be channeled underneath the canopies where the roots absorb it.


Surge Irrigation Method »

This form of irrigating results in less run-off at the end of the row. Our growers have demonstrated water use cuts between 22 and 52 percent for cotton, sugar canes and corn.


Drip & Microjet »

Inspecting the cost-benefit analysis of drip irrigation and microjet technologies. This has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants.


Crop Specific Resources

Real-Time Data for Irrigation Districts

Automated Gates »

Texas AWE developed and tested its own prototype auto-gate made of lightweight aluminum and featuring push-button controls. The efficiencies were immediately apparent: the auto-gate was considerably easier to operate and produced results in a fraction of the time needed to manually change the original heavy wooden gates.


Telemetry »

We tested automated communications for different measurements and data collected along canals, fields, bridges and more. This information is all transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring.